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February 20, 2006

Hair Cut!!

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Yes I had one today at a shop that calls itself Smart Guy. In fact there’s a big chain of Smart Guy Men’s Saloons in Bangalore and I feel grateful to them for decding to open up an outlet in this campus too. 🙂 There is, however, one little problem with the barber they employ – he neither understands English nor Hindi. So after a a few experiences of sitting under his (un)crafty hands, I have realized that the best strategy there is too keep sitting quietly as he peacefully cuts his way through your hair. It’s not that the guy is rude or something – in fact he takes well any extra instructions from the customer. The problem is that his perception of the customer’s preferences are often far removed from the actual intent of the instructions. Moreover this satisfaction of (mis)understanding his consumers’ needs excites him to the point of acting more of an avid hair-cutter rather than a barber :-(.
As always there are some other things too that come with a hair cut like the satisfaction of accomplishing a project conceived long ago and progressively procrastinated for a long time, a much awaited bath and other material pleasures. Anyway, there’s a long way to go and more life to see before another such experience!


February 2, 2006

Wonder Years

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I’ve discussed this serial too many times with my friends. So I think there’s no point talking about how excellent the narration is, how great an actor the guy who plays Jack Arnold is, how good Norma Arnold looks as a mother, the detail in every episode and the good choice of music that they’ve made etc etc. Watching a few of the left over episodes and re-watching others over the past few days has made me think about the lead character, Kevin Arnold. Well more than think, agree to something that I read on an IMDB discussion a lot of time ago.

The contention was that Kevin Arnold would perhaps not be really nice as a person. In fact he might be quite an asshole. With every passing episode this impression seems to gain more strength :-(. The way he behaves with his friends, his family at times and his classmates makes one feel so. He looks like too crookedly conceited at times. I was wondering why this always tends to disappoint me. I mean after all he’s just a character and that’s how he’s been made for the story. Anyway, the serial is in every other way quite real life kind of stuff posing real situations that you ar easliy able to connect to, so Kevin again might be a real character. One thing that troubles me is that I very often tend to relate to him inspite of my bad opinion of him.

But then perhaps there’s more to the discomfort than me relating to Kevin at times. One always tends to think that Kevin is portrayed as some kind of a representational character for life at his age. And so he must be an average nice guy. Sadly enough, he often turns out to be just a not-really-nice average guy. Perhaps this goes beyond Wonder Years. People normally keep whining about having more real characters portrayed as heroes in any story form especially movies. But when the lead character is given some shades of grey you inevitable tend to subconsciously hope that he’s good. You actually keep on trying to fit him into the model of a hero. Then perhaps pure romanticism with black and white character does make sense! So is the effort to analyze people and make characters more real not worth it? I do have a feeling that I am exaggerating and generalizing out of proportion but still – just a thought :-).

February 1, 2006

Things in general

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Well I wanted to title this blog something like Frust! Frust! Frust! to reflect my present mood. But then I thought it might be too sick to start my blogging career with such a sad title. Well to be exact, I am only restarting blogging – I already have a blogspot account that I created some time last year. Its another matter I had written just one short blog on that account and have totally forgotten its login now. Hope this account grows up to have a better future :-).
Anyway, coming back to my bad mood or perhaps more like a guilty mood. I’ve been living quite leisurely for the past few days. I feel like my whole life has slowed down in every facet by some constant damping factor. I’ve been watching & re-watching Wonder Years, remembering old times and old friends, finishing movies, reading blogs, digging deep into orkut links, thinking about the long conversation I had with a friend last night and deeply analyzing it to make profound philosophical generalizations about the friend, his kind in general, about the topic of conversation etc. etc. Living this vacation has been quite fun but I think its high time I get some direction and purpose in life and start looking ahead. Really want to get busy.

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