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July 18, 2006

There are places I remember

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P.S.: My apologies to producers of original content and victims of copyright violation.

P.P.S. (Recent realization): WordPress provides a really screwed up image handling / uploading interface. This post stands testimony to this fact 😦


July 6, 2006


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Was twitching to post something since ages but didn’t know what to write so I thought I’ll just say a Hello 🙂

A lot of things worthy of being blogged have transpired and passed since the last time. I got a D in the course (Business Law) that I proudly expressed my interest in, in the last post. (Pulling some strings here and there however pushed me over to a marginal C)

Another directly bloggable bit was Paneer “tagging” me. But this somehow gave me the feel of a game for the BIG RICH kids so couldn’t get the enthu to do it :-(. Will put it down some time though.

Mumbai of course happened and gave me a really charming two months!

And finally yesterday found Salaam Bombay – a movie I was looking for since some time. Plan to watch it today & hope it inspires me enough to write more 🙂

Missed little bits here and there but looks like this was more than just a hello and I am content 🙂

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