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September 29, 2006

Happy Birthday :)

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July 18, 2006

There are places I remember

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P.S.: My apologies to producers of original content and victims of copyright violation.

P.P.S. (Recent realization): WordPress provides a really screwed up image handling / uploading interface. This post stands testimony to this fact 😦

July 6, 2006


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Was twitching to post something since ages but didn’t know what to write so I thought I’ll just say a Hello 🙂

A lot of things worthy of being blogged have transpired and passed since the last time. I got a D in the course (Business Law) that I proudly expressed my interest in, in the last post. (Pulling some strings here and there however pushed me over to a marginal C)

Another directly bloggable bit was Paneer “tagging” me. But this somehow gave me the feel of a game for the BIG RICH kids so couldn’t get the enthu to do it :-(. Will put it down some time though.

Mumbai of course happened and gave me a really charming two months!

And finally yesterday found Salaam Bombay – a movie I was looking for since some time. Plan to watch it today & hope it inspires me enough to write more 🙂

Missed little bits here and there but looks like this was more than just a hello and I am content 🙂

March 30, 2006

Its again coming to an end

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End terms are in full force :-(. Just coming from the exam for New Product Development.

Definately the most worthless, redundant and cheap course I've ever done – yes its more useless than Intro to Robotics under shinyHead Ashish Dutta. The worst part is that I took it as an elective in the hope of a cool grade under a cool (and dumb) prof. This strategy has never worked for me but as always I never stop succumbing to it.

Anyways, tommorow is Business Law. Got to study for it!! Somehow I always had the gut feeling that I would regret taking this course but surprisingly I don't, thanks to the excellent profs taking the course – Prof Narasappa & Prof Murali.

February 20, 2006

Hair Cut!!

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Yes I had one today at a shop that calls itself Smart Guy. In fact there’s a big chain of Smart Guy Men’s Saloons in Bangalore and I feel grateful to them for decding to open up an outlet in this campus too. 🙂 There is, however, one little problem with the barber they employ – he neither understands English nor Hindi. So after a a few experiences of sitting under his (un)crafty hands, I have realized that the best strategy there is too keep sitting quietly as he peacefully cuts his way through your hair. It’s not that the guy is rude or something – in fact he takes well any extra instructions from the customer. The problem is that his perception of the customer’s preferences are often far removed from the actual intent of the instructions. Moreover this satisfaction of (mis)understanding his consumers’ needs excites him to the point of acting more of an avid hair-cutter rather than a barber :-(.
As always there are some other things too that come with a hair cut like the satisfaction of accomplishing a project conceived long ago and progressively procrastinated for a long time, a much awaited bath and other material pleasures. Anyway, there’s a long way to go and more life to see before another such experience!

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