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February 1, 2006

Things in general

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Well I wanted to title this blog something like Frust! Frust! Frust! to reflect my present mood. But then I thought it might be too sick to start my blogging career with such a sad title. Well to be exact, I am only restarting blogging – I already have a blogspot account that I created some time last year. Its another matter I had written just one short blog on that account and have totally forgotten its login now. Hope this account grows up to have a better future :-).
Anyway, coming back to my bad mood or perhaps more like a guilty mood. I’ve been living quite leisurely for the past few days. I feel like my whole life has slowed down in every facet by some constant damping factor. I’ve been watching & re-watching Wonder Years, remembering old times and old friends, finishing movies, reading blogs, digging deep into orkut links, thinking about the long conversation I had with a friend last night and deeply analyzing it to make profound philosophical generalizations about the friend, his kind in general, about the topic of conversation etc. etc. Living this vacation has been quite fun but I think its high time I get some direction and purpose in life and start looking ahead. Really want to get busy.

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